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Build Web3.0 PokerCommunity

What is CryptoPokers?

"CryptoPokers" is a project that aims to create a new era of poker community through the creativity, technology and community of web3.0 !!

In the future, we plan to generate a worldwide poker tournament from this community.

As the first step, we will mint a NFT collectible by world-renowned digital artist "KEIGO INOUE" !!

NFT holders will not only be able to express their identity in the online poker community, but will also receive a variety of benefits, so be sure to keep an eye on the project !!


As the roadmap progresses, CryptoPokers NFT holders will earn the following utilities

Free entry to tournaments with prizes

CryptoPokers NFT holders can participate in tournaments with Cash and NFTs Prizes for free!

Original Art Acquisition

We plan to collaborate with various creators to create original art, and art NFT will be air-dropped into the holders.

Event Participation

NFT holders will be able to participate in training events with professional players

Discounts at partner poker rooms

NFT holders can get discounts when visiting Poker League Gotanda.


In order to create a passionate poker community while rewarding CryptoPokers holders, we will implement the following roadmap.

We plan to execute the roadmap based on the NFT sellout rate!

Let’s create the most enthusiastic poker community in the world with us!

  • 0%

    CryptoPokers Launch!

    Looking forward to the launch of the CryptoPokers project!

  • 25%


    Hosting lesson events with famous professional poker players

    Collaboration Art

    Creation of art NFT in collaboration with famous illustrators

  • 50%

    Holders-only Tournament

    Host a tournament exclusively for NFT holders of this project

  • 75%

    Big Tournament

    Organize a world-class big tournament open to everyone

  • 100%

    Next NFT Project

    CryptoPokers' second NFT project will be launched

About Ticket NFT

NFT holders will receive one Ticket NFT every two months. By burning Ticket NFTs, CryptoPokers NFT holders can participate in exclusive tournaments hosted by CryptoPokers.


We will boost CryptoPokers project with our partners!!

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  • Creator


    A hot digital artist who has been collaborating with various artists and IPs such as Ado, Eve, and Kizuna AI since 2020. KEIGO has also presented his works at NFT and has created a sensation both in Japan and overseas.

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  • Founder

    Kazuki Obata

    Born in 1994, he started his business in the SNS and Internet marketing industry at the age of 18. As an official SNS operator for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, he manages accounts with a total of over 10 million followers.He loves games and has participated in many tournaments as a player and won many championships.

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  • Director


    In January 2022, microverse raised 50 million yen in a seed round of funding from Cyber Agent Capital, East Ventures, F Ventures, and double Co. They are producing various NFT projects and supporting sales, marketing and developing for their clients.

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  • Concept Visual


    He was in charge of character design at an app game company and currently belongs to METEORA st. He has a wide range of skills from light illustrations to cyberpunk illustrations with his high drawing ability, which he cultivated at a game company.

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  • Designer


    He started his creator career as a logo and typographer on SNS in 2020. Participated in Adobe CC and also spoke at Adobe MAX 2022. He is a SNS creator and influencer in the new era, and an artist of worldwide renown.

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  • Ambassador


    An illustrator who continues to create with the motto "drawing the girls he likes." He started his NFT activities in 2021 and his main collection has a total trading volume of over 300 ETH, making him one of the top NFT creators in Japan with a large following.

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